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Gypsy Waves


ITEM NUMBER: D4 Pearl Scale 584

White pearl painted spoon on both sides. 3.5 inches long.  Lighter in weight. Perfect action if used with 60 lb. test and 4 fathom leaders.  Pink sticker with scales. 

Spoon works well when krill are around. 

Fishermen favorite.

Gypsy Rain Mark


ITEM NUMBER: N2 HEX Watermark Foil

This spoon is all time favorite.  Works all season long in all conditions.  Recommend 60 lb. test and 4 fa leaders.


ITEM NUMBER: N2 Pearl Scale 584

Thinner longer, has more of a cup.  Painted fire and ice on both sides.  Pink Sticker with scales.  Spoon works well with its partner D-4 Pearl Scale 584 but a little narrower and little thicker.  Spoons works very well when krill in the area.

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Gypsy Teal Wonders


ITEM Number D4 Blue 948 Pearl

White pearl painted spoon on both sides.  Lighter in weight. 3.5 inches long. Anchovy/Herring Sticker.  Shiny no scales. Spoons works well when bait is around.  Recommend using with 60 lb. test and 4 fathom leaders.

Gypsy Long


Item Number: N2 Blue 948 Pearl 

Thinner longer, has more of a cup.  Painted fire and ice on both sides.  Herring/Anchovy Sticker without scales. 

Sticker turns blue/green/pink. Spoon works well with its partner D-4 Blue 948 Pearl but a little narrower and little thicker.

For all my spoons, I recommend tying direct to split rings.  I like 95 170 Mustad hooks 5/0 or QI hooks 6/0.  I prefer Super Star fishing line as it coils very nice. 




I learned this from the Canadian fishermen years ago. 


PROS Lighter leader (60 lb test).  Slightly longer leaders 4 fathom gives long stretch so big fish cannot break so easy.  Gives spoons more action equals higher catch rate.


CONS After catching big fish, you will have to tie new leaders and you must use gloves when pulling as its hard on your hands.


After recommending this to a fellow fisherman, he started using this method.  He called me up and reported, “Hey, it works great my catch is up by 50 percent.  The only problem is sometimes the top leader will have a fish on and the next leader down will a fish on, and I have to pull both fish at one time.  And I replied “So, tell me what your problem is again?” 


*You can tie up 2 new leaders for 10 cents.

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